Mr Clarke charges a consultation fee for each private patient attendance. Additional fees will apply if it is necessary to carry out an outpatient procedure. Outpatient procedures (carried out at the time of consultation) include cauterisation of bleeding vessels, nasoendoscopy and microsuction of the ear.

In addition the hospital will independently charge the patient for the cleaning of any equipment required, following the consultation. Please note the Cromwell Hospital will expect to take a credit or debit card number from you at arrival for your outpatient visit.

These details are used exclusively by the hospital to ensure that any hospital fees are covered. The card details are not made available to the Consultant and therefore are not used for payment of Mr Clarke’s fees.

Extra long consultations may incur an additional charge. An average consultation is 20 minutes.

Other Hospital Appointments

Other outpatient procedures carried out at separate appointments or operations, will be charged by the hospital.


Please note that not all invoices are raised by the Private Office.

Invoices raised by the Private Office will be on Mr Peter Clarke’s headed paper and should be paid as per the instructions contained thereon. Hospital or Healthcare Trust invoices should be paid directly to the hospital / trust as per the invoice heading.

There will be instances where you receive two invoices from a hospital relating to a single visit. Invoices raised by Charing Cross Hospital (Imperial Healthcare Trust), may relate to hospital charges but also Mr Clarke’s private clinic consultations. Please read your invoice carefully.

Insured Patients

Mr Peter Clarke is recognised by all major medical insurance companies in the UK. The Private Office has direct payment facilities with the majority of medical insurance companies. However, patients are advised to contact their insurance company prior to their appointment to confirm their cover and to obtain an authorisation number which will facilitate the reimbursement of professional fees. Please check with your insurance company about the level of excess in your policy which will have to be covered by the patient.

Please bring the details of your insurance cover and your authorisation number when you attend your appointment. We will usually be able to communicate directly with the insurance company on your behalf after you have obtained an authorisation number. Please note AXA PPP have changed their policy to make Mr Clarke ‘fee limited’. This means that they do not cover his fees in full.

As a result, you are likely to receive notification from AXA PPP that there is a shortfall on the payment. A statement and copy invoice will be provided to you by the Private Office once we are aware of the shortfall. Please can you settle the outstanding amount using the instructions given on the bottom of the invoice . Please use your invoice number as a reference.

Please note that where an excess applies and your insurance company informs you that you need to pay Mr Clarke directly, it may be that the original invoice was raised by the hospital on his behalf. Please check with the Private Office if you are in doubt.

Non Insured Patients

If you wish to have details of Mr Clarke’s fees, please ask the Private Office.

Medical Insurance